A Voice for Everyone

The Next-Generation Social Network

Heroes is a WEB APP. You will not find us in the app stores. You can access Heroes through any device that can connect to a browser (www.heroes.app). We are not under the control of Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook or Twitter. Communicate with freedom and privacy. Break free from censorship. Connect with friends and make new friends – stream video, post images and videos, create groups and pages, private chat, video chat, sell items, promote your business and so much more!

Challenge Censorship

Be a Hero

Why Heroes?

We Will Not Censor Political or Religious Voices

We believe that digital censorship today is similar to book burning of the past. We also believe that regardless of your political affiliation we can agree that book burning is wrong. We believe in free speech.

Independent from Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter

Heroes was created to give a voice to everyone and we are not connected with Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter. We were created because we did not agree with the censorship happening across the world.

A Gathering Place for People Who Love Freedom

We believe that freedom of thought and conscience has created opportunity for more people than ever before in the history of the world and we want to be a gathering place for those that believe as we do.  

Simple Interface and Features You Love

We provide the features you are used to. You can stream video, post images and videos, create groups and pages, private chat, video chat, sell items, promote your business and so much more!   

Heroes vs Facebook

Be a Hero

All Devices

Heroes is a WEB APP. Don’t look for us in the App stores. We don’t want Apple or Google to have any control over us. You can access Heroes from any device that can connect to a browser.

Make Your Profile

Free Yourself from Your Current Social Network

– Upload your photo

– Personalized background image

– You control your privacy

– Invite your friends

– You control your notifications

– View your timeline

– Your conservative, moderate and religious views will not be censored

Share Images and Videos

Express Yourself

– Upload photos

– Take photos

– Upload videos

– Live stream video

– See videos of others

– Watch your friends live stream and comment on what they say and do

– See photos, videos and comments of friends in your timeline

Video and Audio Chat

Connect with Your Friends

– See your friends in real time

– Make calls to your friends

– Use any device with a camera and microphone

– Portable video and audio calls

– Private texting

– Group texting

– Freedom

Create Pages and Groups

Gather People or Promote Yourself, Your Ideas or Your Businesses

– Create a page

– Create a group

– Manage your page or group

– Promote your ideas or business

– Choose the privacy level of your group

– Invite friends and assign administrators

Buy and Sell Products

Make Money and Find Deals

– List products and services

– Upload images and create descriptions

– Interested buyers can private message you

– Answer questions

– Arrange for delivery

– Arrange for payment

– Prosper

You Control It All

Set Everything Up How You Want It

– Edit Profile

– Security Settings

– Privacy

– Notifications

– Membership

– Affiliates

– Verification

– Blocking

– More…