Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find Heroes in the App Store or Google Play?

We built Heroes as a web-based app that would work on any device. We also then built the apps for the app stores. While we were opening accounts to join Google Play and the Apple App Store we felt that God was telling us not to. We researched and found that they both blocked a social network for not censoring the way they demanded. We will not allow the liberal tech or media companies to control Heroes. So we have kept it as a web based app. We are working on an app you can download directly from and will let you know when it is ready.

How do I make a link to Heroes on my homescreen?

If you want an icon on a mobile device you can “add to home screen” then it takes you right to Heroes… On a iPhone you have a share box at the bottom of the screen with an arrow coming out of it. Press that and scroll down and you will see “Add to Home Screen.” On an Android you will have the three dots on the top right of the screen which opens a menu with “Add to Home Screen” on it. 

How can I share Heroes?

You can use the INVITE YOUR FRIENDS email box found on the right side widget bar of the home page (scroll down) on computer. You can find this on mobile by clicking “My Articles,” “My Products” or “Saved Posts” (scroll down). You can also share directly to other social media sites by clicking Settings>Affiliates>My Affiliates (on mobile click the 3 bars, then Settings, then 3 bars again to see Affiliates). This also gives you a personalized link to share.

What makes Heroes different?

Heroes was not created as a tech company with making money as the goal. It was created because we felt God asked us to gather people, share repentance and a love of freedom and liberty with the world. We started a couple sites and a Facebook group for community building but quickly realized we were being censored and needed a place to gather people who wanted to freely express their faith, love of liberty, conservative views, family values and the principles of Freedom. Strength and courage comes as people gather and know that they are not alone. We first searched other “Free Speech” social networks but they did not have the feeling or culture we wanted. My background is tech so we decided if there wasn’t what we wanted out there, we needed to build it. We decided then that Heroes would not be another “Free Speech” social network but would focus on the “Right to Peacefully Assemble.” We created Guiding Principles because we believe that with great principles people can govern themselves. Here are our Guiding Principles:

1 – The Silent Majority Wants a Voice.
2 – The Right of Peaceful Assembly.
3 – There is a Creator.
4 – All People are Created Equal.
5 – Love God and Love Your Neighbor.

If people do not like, believe in or want to adhere to these Guiding Principles then Heroes is not the place for them and we are okay with that. There are many other social networks that will fit their needs. Heroes is to be a safe and special place for those who love and hold to these guiding principles. This is simple for most people of faith worldwide because most faiths already adhere to them. Our top priorities for Heroes are that people with Religious, Conservative and Moderate views will not be censored as they are in other large social networks and that we gather like-minded people to strengthen each other.

How do I control my privacy?

You can access your privacy controls through Settings>Privacy. You can control:
Who can poke you
Who can post on your wall
Who can see your birthdate
Who can see your relationship
Who can see your basic info
Who can see your work info
Who can see your location info
Who can see your education info
Who can see your other info
Who can see your friends
Who can see your photos
Who can see your liked pages
Who can see your joined groups
Who can see your joined events

How do I change my notification settings?

You can go to Settings on the left panel, go to Notifications and there you can select when do you want to receive an email.

Can I advertise my services on Heroes?

Yes, advertising is allowed. You can post any advertising you want on your own timeline and pages with no charge. If you want more exposure we have two forms of advertising. One is to simply have a pro account which allows you to “Boost” posts and pages. This gives extra visibility on Heroes (currently there are three levels of pro accounts each giving different amounts of “Boosts” allowed for a 1 month period). The other is through the Ads Manager. You can set up an ad and run it through there. The Ads Manager is fully functioning.

Can I just post anything on Heroes?

We are excited to see people posting all types of news on Heroes as well as everything they feel comfortable to share about their lives, experiences, hopes, dreams, things they love, things that make them laugh, things they fear, worry about, etc… and make Heroes their home.

We understand that we live in an imperfect world and clear rules need to be established to protect the culture and feeling we want in Heroes. Therefore Heroes has a Terms of use: Please read these Terms carefully.

Can you pretty much post anything on Heroes? No. People who do not agree with or follow our Guiding Principles and Terms may have their groups, pages or posts removed.

How do I find a friend?

The easiest way to find people is with the search bar at the top. Enter their name and click to see their profile. On the mobile search feature, type the name and press the red “Search” button. Then press “Users” and the list of people will appear. You can also find friends and make new friends by selecting People where you can Discover people, Respond to Friend Requests and see your current Friend Requests.

How do I make a friend request?

To do a friend request search for the friend then go to their profile and a friend request button will be on the bottom right of their background image (on computer) and under their profile image on mobile.

How do I change my profile and background images?

Go to your profile page by clicking your image at the top right and selecting “Profile.” On your profile image (right side of the circle image) and the background (top left) you will see a slightly transparent icon of a trash can, cropping and camera. Press the trash can to remove your existing image and the the camera to upload a new image. the icons may be hard to see. If you are having trouble seeing them: on a computer scroll over them with your mouse or and on mobile you can zoom in.

How do I make a link to my profile?

Your personal profile link is found under Settings>Account Settings. It is [YOUR USERNAME].

How do I see who has liked my page?

If you go to your page, then click Settings>Admins you can see all the people who have liked your page and it gives you the option to make a person an admin.

How do I delete a group I created?

You can delete a group by going to your group and clicking Settings. It has an option to delete. You can find the settings on the bar with Timeline, Videos and Photos right under the group header. On mobile you may need to swipe that line to the left to see settings which is on the far right and on phones is off the screen…

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