Below are a few matchmaking statistics from the POF Blog. I believe these numbers are for 2011 and merely worry america.

  • You’ll find 54 million singles
  • of these 10% (5.5 million) are using an online dating service
  • 2.6 million pay for this service membership making 2.9 million that do not.
  • In general 8.8 million have actually experimented with online dating sites

based on the me Census during 2009 there had been 95.9 million unmarried people in the usa. Therefore I guess about 40 % of those need girls looking to hookup be in some sort of common law union and just haven’t married. It’s my opinion that the 10 percent figure of people who make use of adult dating sites probably has not yet changed a great deal during the last five years. The trick now for online dating sites is to find another 49 million to test online dating sites.